Ethnicity: Papuans.
    Place of origin: Papua New Guinea.
    Geographical location of the place of origin: Maclay Coast.
    Material: charonia tritonis.
    Dimensions: Length — 30 cm, Width — 12.5 cm, Height — 11 cm.
    Date: 2017.
    Collector: private, Nickolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay.
    Time of use: 2017.
    Usage: A signal seashell is a tool for giving audible signals, for instance to announce a gathering of the villagers.
    Condition: good; five shells don’t have any cultural value; one is a signal seashell.
    The Kunstkamera collections analogue: none.
    Keywords: peoples of Australia and Oceania, Papuans, Maclay Coast